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That guy who does the thing on

Car Jumps Roundabout Traffic Circle

Just’a good ol’ boys
Never meanin’ no harm.
Beats all you never saw
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born


Al-Gebra Terrorist Group Plot Foiled: Math on Airplane

Aaaand, so what if he WAS writing in Arabic? #Nerd: it bothered him that there was inefficient data collection going on. 🙂

Counterfeit $2 Bill

First, who counterfeits a $2 bill? Seems like a lot of work for $2. Second, who would investigate a $2 ‘fraud’? Your dumb dollars at work.


Upgrayedd is now on Facebook

Looking for a manager?



Bust this :



Free to watch if you have Amazon Prime. If not, up your game and click this like you stole it to get it free.

Cleavon attempts to jump a jetski from a lake into a swimming pool scene

For all those videos you see on Facebook you see.

Like the guy with the riding lawnmower and the giant sheet of plastic making a “redneck slip ‘n’ slide”.

I give you this:


Fat Guy gets out of BMW i8


(Note: In the interest of not being mean: please get some help with that weight. Not healthy!)

If this guy owns it, they should call it the “i8 it ALL” not the i8.

The Strange Way Fox Promoted ‘Idiocracy’…by doing nothing

Mike has a great thought on why Fox treated the movie the way they did. And how he won after all.