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Higher Healthcare Premiums. That sounds good right?

The sad part, healthcare debate aside, is this: even when asked directly about higher health care premiums one under-informed voter gave the third grade book report answer.

I’ll paraphrase.

“Well, it’s a premium, so like premium stuff, which is good, and it’s going higher, and higher is always better.”

This is how we are where we are.


What’s Wrong with This Picture?

dumb house


See how long it takes you to see the issue here. Hint: there’s a problem in the design of something you’d use every day.

Hire your contractors carefully.

(Editor’s note: some have surmised that this is a show home purposely built this way, but it sure does make you wonder.)

Fat Guy gets out of BMW i8


(Note: In the interest of not being mean: please get some help with that weight. Not healthy!)

If this guy owns it, they should call it the “i8 it ALL” not the i8.